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Stop Your Trust Amendments Before It's Too Late!

       Would you like everyone you have ever mentioned in your Trust to receive a copy of that document? What about ex-friends, remote family members, or even ex-lovers. What about charities, house help, gardeners, etc? But wait a minute Jack, what if I removed them in a subsequent Amendment, you reply? Yeah, that's right, you did, and presumably they won't be an heir in your estate. However, that will not prevent them from taking a gander at your Trust and all of the Amendments at your death. How is that possible if you removed them from the Trust? It is not only possible but it is required by California law. Additionally, your children will have the opportunity to see how you changed the distribution to them over the years through Amendments. The source of this law is California P.C. Section 16061.7. It requires that when any portion of a Trust becomes irrevocable, all beneficiaries and heirs at law, mentioned in the original document and all Amendments, are entitled to a copy. Additionally, they are given 120 days to contest the Trust, if they wish.


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